This program enables you to open a new account, you can view the account details and transactions for a particular record, and you can keep doing the various transactions in your own account, and can delete or modify the various records


This program is designed to help you find the particular description about the train, you can reserve your tickets, cancel your tickets, and you can also find the information about the passengers in the waiting list


This program is designed to make the work easier for the staff members of the hotel in which you have the facility of addition of the room, you can also add the information about the new customer and can book a room for a customer, and can also show


This is a computerized pay roll management system in which you can add the record for an employee; you can modify or delete an employee’s record as per your needs. You can also show the pay slip for a particular employee as per the no. of days worked


 This software is about a paint brush in which you will find a cursor which moves with the help of the mouse and with the help of the paint brush you can draw a bar, rectangle, line, you can fill or erase the whole background with a color, it also has




C# application to test speech recognition ...C#.NET


PHP Application to manage a Cyber Cafe.(PHP, MySQL)


It is a vb.net application to store and retrieve employee salaries records in a database.(VB.NET, Ms Access, SQL Server)